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RoboPharma is a young, dynamic company based in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, and part of Capsa Healthcare, based in Columbus, Ohio, USA. We are active in the development, implementation, maintenance, and evolution of software solutions for logistics processes in healthcare, especially in pharmacy chains. Since 2004 we have been the market leader in the Netherlands, and we are also internationally active. We are an informal and ambitious organization with short communication lines and respect for each other. We are constantly looking for enthusiastic people who want to strengthen our team and who have a proactive mentality, enthusiasm and commitment, flexibility and drive, and a strong technical background if the position requires. Please view our vacancies below, then contact Human Resources at

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Maintenance Engineer (Industrial Automation) Stoke-on-Trent, UK

As a RoboPharma Maintenance Engineer based in the United Kingdom, the most important part of your role is to provide service to our customers in accordance with the SLAs. Together with your colleagues you provide preventive maintenance and flexible technical support to our customers. You will be dealing directly with breakdowns, urgent questions, providing technical support and delivering excellent service. It is a rewarding job, because you are the one who ensures that the machines continue to do their job and the customer remains satisfied. You will come across a diverse range of technical issues and industrial automation-related incidents. Therefore, you will need core mechanical, electrical and diagnostic skills that can be deployed efficiently and in real-time, as you strike the balance between completing quick and sustainable repairs. You also need an affinity with ICT/PLC.

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Project Leader, Machine Construction (32 to 40 hours per week)

As Project Leader, Machine Construction / Industrial Automation at RoboPharma in Waalwijk, you are responsible from A to Z for various projects. You independently lead a number of projects and also are responsible for the planning and management of several project teams. You are a discussion partner for our customers, you make plans independently, you manage employees and you ensure that projects are completed within the agreed time and budgeted costs. You are the driving force!

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All-round Mechanic, Machine Construction (fulltime or parttime)

As a machine builder at RoboPharma in Waalwijk, no day is the same; you build in the workshop a machine, think along with a project team about new system solutions or works on location at a customer. The assembly projects are very different, from special machine construction and small automation solutions to large projects for streamlining huge logistics processes. Our customers are not only located in the Netherlands, we operate worldwide. Along with your team, you belong to the heart of our organization, you make everything come true!

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Assembly Employee Machine Construction (fulltime or parttime)

Are you handy and do you see a future for yourself in a broad form of technology? As an assembly employee machine construction, you work within a team of enthusiastic and skilled colleagues on adaily basis on innovative automation solutions. Projects are diverse, from special machine construction and small system solutions to large projects for streamlining huge logistics processes. In addition, sometimes our installations are abroad. How cool is it if you can assemble the installations for this!

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Software Engineer (Full or Part Time)

In software development with RoboPharma in Waalwijk, The Netherlands, you work in project teams on improvements to applications for our automation. Your efforts help streamline logistics processes. As a result, for example, pharmacists spend less time collecting the correct prescriptions and more time attending to patients.

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Senior Software Engineer (Full or Part Time)

As a Senior Software Engineer you work with clients and colleagues on medium and large software projects. You listen and ask the right questions. You map out the existing organization, software landscape, processes, data, existing ideas, project objectives, desired phasing, and other insights. You analyze, consult and work out plans. You give enthusiastic and convincing presentations.

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We encourage you to apply to one of our open positions. Acquisition regarding vacancies is not appreciated. Send your response to: or

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