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RoboPharma is the industry leader for Central Filling automation with a unique model that focuses on speed, efficiency, and reliability. Our designs are proven to dramatically reduce dispensing errors, time and costs in pharmacies. RoboPharma individualizes each system to manage every step of the process – from the moment the pharmacy submits a patient’s repeat prescription directly, to when the completed order is shipped back to the pharmacy for patient pickup. A RoboPharma central filling build-out efficiently fills hundreds to thousands of prescriptions per day at a remote location in a hub-and-spoke model.

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The Integrated Components Of A RoboPharma Central Fulfillment System

Our automation software starts and finishes everything; The Rx ordering, receiving, processing, validating, dispensing, checking, labeling, sorting, user identification, track-and-trace of all steps, reporting functions, and return shipping to the spoke pharmacies. Our software orchestrates the many interwoven hardware components like:

  • High capacity robotic dispensers
  • Sorters
  • Checking and labeling systems
  • Packing systems
  • Intelligent conveyors
  • Storage systems
  • Vial and bottle feeding systems
  • Cappers
  • Vision inspection systems

RoboPharma’s Central Filling Automation Model

  • 1
    Prescriptions are first sent in from the patient’s preferred pharmacy.
  • 2
    When the prescription is received, the central fill pharmacy then efficiently dispenses the medicines and checks and labels the individual packages.
  • 3
    The system securely packs all prescriptions in a patient-specific bag or box; applies a label; and sorts the prescriptions for transport.
  • 4
    Once completed, orders are shipped back to the local pharmacy and the patient then picks up their order locally.
  • 5
    Optionally, patient pickup can be automated using our ScriptShelves (will call) and RoboWall (24/7 collection point). With RoboPharma’s HomeDelivery, scripts also can be delivered to the patient’s homes in a secured way.

Central Fulfillment Pharmacy vs. Mail Order/Digital Pharmacy

A central filling system is an end-to-end solution similar to a RoboPharma digital pharmacy solution except that orders are received from a brick-and-mortar community pharmacy, and not from a website or app. Plus, once orders are completed, they are shipped back to the patient’s local pharmacy, and not to home.

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