Efficient Pharmacy Automation, Logistics & Inventory Management Solutions

In any high volume pharmacy or industrial setting where a large number of smaller items and products need to be efficiently grouped, stored, and quickly retrieved, RoboBasket is the most flexible storage, retrieval, and logistics management solution for the job. The speed, organizational advantages, and space savings of RoboBasket is immense.

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How RoboBasket Can Improve Your Pharmacy’s Capacity

RoboBasket automation and software automatically takes in, stores and dispenses stock which is stored in uniform containers in a compact racking bay. The system starts small (approx. 300 SKUs managed in containers) and expands with your needs and volume (up to 10,000 SKUs managed in containers).

Efficient, Economical Container Magazine System For Almost Any Industrial Setting’s Storage

Where does RoboBasket make logistical and financial sense? RoboBasket can maximize storage and retrieval of any type of small parts and inventory in manufacturing settings, wholesalers, distribution centers, pharmacies, hospitals, web shops, offices. A RoboBasket system reduces the facility’s energy and storage costs due to its ability to store a huge number of SKUs and volume per square meter, and automate the retrieval of any container within seconds using RoboPharma’s sophisticated stock level management software. Inventory levels are kept with our extensive reporting function.

Durability, High-Volume Capabilities & Superior Inventory Control In One System

RoboBasket handles stock in sturdy containers (usually uniform plastic totes) up to approx. 600 mm x 400 mm x 400 mm and up to approx. 30 kg. The system capacity is from 300 containers up to approx. 10,000 containers.

A RoboBasket system can include:

  • Software for stock management
  • Logistics and interfacing
  • Operator workstation(s) with PC, touchscreen, mouse, keyboard, barcode scanner
  • Filing and dispensing station(s)
  • Container magazine(s)
  • Base frame with shielding
  • Positioning system with container gripper
  • Containers in multiple sizes, optionally fitted with partitioning (ask RoboPharma to consult about your ideal set-up)

Optional Added Features & Hardware

Your RoboBasket system can handle the straight job of organizing hundreds of containers, or maximize the system with these optional added features and hardware:

  • Stacker(s) for empty return containers
  • Order pick-checking with check-weigher
  • User ID, user logging & authorization
  • Reporting
  • Software interface with local onsite systems
  • Multiple filling- and dispensing stations
  • One or multiple dispensing buffers
  • Logistic systems with conveyors and roller conveyors
  • Multiple container grippers
  • Coupling with PDA, Tablet or Smartphone

Reliable Systems With Comprehensive Training & Support

RoboBasket systems have an exceptionally high reliability rating and onsite users are trained at their location by our experts. Several levels of on-demand or preventive maintenance are available with RoboPharma’s experienced helpdesk, remote service, and technicians.

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